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Balanced meals every day keep the doctors away

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Varenya Nutrition Concepts is a diet clinic  offering effective weight management programmes and treatments for co-marbidities such as Diabetes, CHD, Irregular Menses, PCOS  and primary infertility using dietary intervention. The dietary intervention includes diet prescription and teaching healthy recipes free from food additives to suit to the individual needs and disorders.

Varenya Nutrition Concepts supports health promotion and illness prevention while helping clients in loosing unwanted weight.

Varenya Nutrition Concepts encourages people to continue their habituated dietary habits with little modification to address the disorder.

Clients who have undergone the weight management programme  found it easy to adopt and at a low cost.

 "The changing times have influenced a change in our lifestyles. This has a direct effect on our health making us more susceptible to degenarative disorders such as obesity, diabetes, PCOS and primary infertility.

The 21st century medical fraternity is looking at preventive and safe treatment with emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention. Nutrition is a corner stone of such an approach and it is proven to be safe and inexpensive.

This has prompted me to establish this diet clinic, the first of its kind in Bangalore, to cater to the needs of the public."

  Dr. H. S. Prema,
  Managing Director and Consultant Nutritionist,
  Varenya Nutrition Concepts.

Did you know?

The root cause of over-weight or obesity is the body's disturbed homeostasis which alters the body composition. Altered body composition is the root cause for the  development of obesity,diabetes, irregular menses, primary infertility, gall stones, gout, CHD, etc.

You can correct your body composition according to your ethnicity by eating balanced meals.


What ever may have caused the obesity, it can be effectively treated by balanced meals.

This is because nutrition (balanced meals) facilitates the metabolism but never interferes with it.